No flying the past weekend!

So this weekend turned out to be disastrous for me. The powerful cold front whipped up 40kmh winds on Sunday and on Saturday it was too cloudy! Very disappointing for me as I so look forward to it, it is what gets me through a busy work week sometimes just knowing that I will be flying again soon. Sunday morning was -6 with the wind chill factored in. To put it mildly, it was COLD!!

For the first solo, yes, i’m still rambling on about it, you need clear and calm conditions before the instructor will sign me off. So i guess I wait. I need to get permission from my boss to perhaps take Friday off to write my first of 8 exams.

For the successfull completion of a PPL, I need to 40 hours plus I must’ve achieved > 65% for eight exams. Might as well study during the times when the weather is not playing along!


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About aviationobsessedrambling

Im one of the lucky ones, I found my dream at the age of 8. Getting into the avaition industry has been a long journey for me, but I finally started that journey this year. Currently busy with my student license heading to my CPL. An Industrial Engineer by profession, a pilot wanna-be ALWAYS. Watch this space...

8 responses to “No flying the past weekend!”

  1. Chris Janse van Rensburg says :

    Very cool article. Sucks that the weather interrupted! But its probably worth it to wait for the first solo

  2. Lucille says :

    Se vir jou baas dat jy het hom help trek… Hy skuld jou

  3. John says :

    I thought you had to get 75% / exam…

  4. garmin 1490t specifications says :

    Great blog 9/10! Bookmarked 🙂

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