Tomorrow may be the day!

I have gotten then go ahead for my solo tomorrow morning from my instructor 🙂 I am not going to get too excited just yet as there are many things that could still jump out in front of me prohibiting me from flying. Last week, the plane had not come out of maintenance yet. Don’t get me wrong, I feel pretty good that the planes are being maintained but when it stops me from flying it is slightly annoying!

So… the weather.. According to the latest synoptic chart of South Africa the two high pressures will block any minor cold front that wants to sink its teeth into the interior of South Africa.


That is a good sign because cold fronts bring quite a bit of disruptive airflow to my little airport…

The TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast)- predicts the weather for the next 30 hours. It looks as follows..

TAF FAJS 150400Z 1506/1612 36012KT CAVOK
        BECMG 1516/1518 33006KT
        PROB30 TEMPO 1604/1606 5000 BR NSC

There is no TAF for Grand Central but OR Tambo is pretty close. Winds are going to push 12 knots during today but tomorrow morning with a chance of 30% there may be some mist 😦 lets hope the 30% chance doesn’t happen). Grand Central is a little higher than OR Tambo so FAGC (Grand Central) should be clear of it. NSC means No significant cloud, awesome news!

Will keep you guys updated. As we all know weather changes very rapidly and forecasts are exactly that, a forecast, a prediction.


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