My instructor was on leave today so I flew instead with Jos. A very cool guy, he mentioned before we went out that the crosswind component was quite high. PERFECT, I have been waiting to practice in crosswinds for a while now. I really want to be an all round pilot, and not one that is scared of a little bit of wind.

All within acceptable safety guidelines. Visibility was quite bad this morning, at about 5000m. Still good enough to fly! Its been 2 weeks since I last flew and of course everything just came back naturally.

Winds were 030/15G20 (from 30 degrees at 15 gusting 20). The runway faces 350 degrees, so the wind came at an angle from the right. There is quite a technique to it… (below)


This is what a similar aircraft to mine looks like during a crosswind landing…


This is what happens when that crosswind is WAY too strong…


Not to scare anyone but the image below is kind of what it looks like from the air on final approach in crosswind conditions…


All in all 4 landing later I would say I pretty much nailed all of the landings! Was good fun and vital for my flying career into the future.


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About aviationobsessedrambling

Im one of the lucky ones, I found my dream at the age of 8. Getting into the avaition industry has been a long journey for me, but I finally started that journey this year. Currently busy with my student license heading to my CPL. An Industrial Engineer by profession, a pilot wanna-be ALWAYS. Watch this space...

4 responses to “Crosswinds~!~”

  1. Roleth says :

    Baie nice Jay, ek verstaan nie als so mooi nie ma jy doen goed jong. Trots op jou Engelsman.

  2. Gran says :

    Leg of lamb was a pleasure but will kill the bull for u when qualified.

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