“No more white cadet pilots for SAA” – Completely baffles me!

Our national airline, South African Airways (SAA), has finally revived their cadet pilot program again albeit under very devious circumstances in terms of entry requirements.

Our local media has decided to write some stories on the situation, the time that I join a union should be now. Surely someone is going to fight this??!! http://www.fin24.com/Companies/TravelAndLeisure/No-more-white-cadet-pilots-for-SAA-20120817

When I initially heard about this, 2 weeks ago, I immediately applied. A free ride all the way to the right hand seat of an airliner is what I have dreamed of since I was in Grade 11. I surpass the entry requirements by far so I would be an ideal candidate, plus you have an individual that would love nothing more than to fly. A potential pilot who would love his job to the max, work un-Godly hours because I would love it!

So it boils down to this, my airline, my country has excluded me from doing what I love purely based on the color of my skin. They IMMEDIATELY send you an email after you have selected your race saying that you application has been unsuccessful!

Do not get me wrong I am all for correcting the wrongs of the past but come on we have been a free and fair democracy (with equal rights for all) for almost as long as I am old!! For goodness sake SAA, you would be able to hire the best of the best if you open applications to all skin colors and not limit it like you are currently doing. I pay a hefty amount of money on tax money which supports the running of your airline and now you deny me this.

I am disgusted to say the least. Potential employees should be hired on merit not on the color of your skin. This statement is becoming a bit of a cliche but in this case it needs to be said AGAIN.


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About aviationobsessedrambling

Im one of the lucky ones, I found my dream at the age of 8. Getting into the avaition industry has been a long journey for me, but I finally started that journey this year. Currently busy with my student license heading to my CPL. An Industrial Engineer by profession, a pilot wanna-be ALWAYS. Watch this space...

2 responses to ““No more white cadet pilots for SAA” – Completely baffles me!”

  1. Anita says :

    After reading your blog abt SAA I went to the media site you quoted and also to the related articles. Reading that they plan to train around 250 pilots per year makes it that more ridiculous that NOT ONE of them should be a white male, absolutely makes me mad. If the spokesperson who wants to fix the demographics looks at this stat, he surely should acknowledge that even a small representation from the white race will not crash their plan.What they propose is not fixing demographics, its simply discrimination and we all know it. Sorry that decent potential aviators now have to pay their one million rand from their own pockets while the state is draining the other pocket from taxes to fund this unfair policy.I wonder if there is anyone who can defend this constitutionally? Luv u son.

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