Africa Aerospace and Defense 2012 (Part 1 of 2)

Such a jam packed weekend it has been. I was super impressed with SA’s ability to organize such a spectacular event.

Highlights for me were:

The incredible “war lord” war scene was something out of this world. The sequence started with 2 SAAB Grippen fighter jets chasing another jet (a Hawk), such immense power from those engines had me in goosebumps from beginning to end. A C130 then performed a short field landing and offloaded troops and artillery and took off again downwind. A whole bunch of helicopters (including 2 Rooivalk) backed up the troops. The explosions then began.. no idea what it was but it was loud LOUD LOUD!! After defeating the war lord the C130 and helicopters returned to pick up the troops.

The SAA A340 flyby was also amazing. The silver falcons took up the flank of the mighty jet and had everyone up on their feet. He did a number of incredibly sharp turns, dives etc. Was quite impressive. I missed the MD-80 of 1Time though as he just left as I arrived 😦

There was so much to see and do including getting a tour of the USAF aircraft (Galaxy, C130, 707 refueling tanker).

Pics below:

Part of SAA’s historical fleet


The US Airforce also attended, very cool guys I must say. They had a band playing as well to the crowds enjoyment. Thank you to the USAF for letting us get a tour of your magnificent aircraft!


And inside the C17 Galaxy!

The Boeing KC-135 is a modified Boeing 707. What makes this plane is different is that it is jam packed with fuel tanks which it can use for itself to keep in the air or the fuel can be transferred to other aircraft in the air via an extendable nozzle.

The Captain is part of the National Guard but in a reserve capacity, his normal job is a captain for Delta Airlines. I’m very grateful to have met him.








The rest of the photos are in part 2. Be sure to check out the Youtube videos as well!



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