My first Solo Nav

This weekend’s flight was awesome. I now have a total of 43.1 hours with one more solo flight of 1.9 hours remaining. I will then be ready for my flight test with exactly 45 hours under my belt, the minimum requirement for the Private Pilot’s License. Minimum being good in this case! A potential future employer often checks how long it took you to get your PPL and would much rather hire someone who got their license in the minimum prescribed time. Someone who took 130 hours to get their PPL (it happens) may battle a bit in the job market.

Take off was planned for 10am on Saturday, I did all of my pre-flight planning from about 6am and got to the airport at 9:30 only to realize that I left my SPL and Medical certificate at home 😦 Quite a bit of stressing later I managed to get hold of the required documents and I was ready to go. My routing was similar to a previous routing that I flew with my instructor, but in reverse. JHB-Potchefstroom-Pilansberg and back. The MET office foretasted winds of between 5-10 knots aloft so my estimated flight time was 2 hours 21 mins. My actual flight time was 3 hours and 5 mins. The winds aloft were NOT 5-10 knots!

It was an awesome feeling being in the air- alone. Not scary at all. I tracked myself quite well on my planned route and when the visibility got so bad (due to veld fires) I chose a radial on the VOR and tracked it. A couple of times I was not able to contact JHB Flight Information Service but I could hear them at least. Flying at FL075 (8000 feet) was nice and cool but when I descended to Pilansberg where the outside air temperature was 39 degrees Celsius, it was a bit of a sauna in the little Cessna.

No pictures of the flight though, I was concentrating too much!

One more solo nav (with a diversion) remains so I will keep you guys updated.


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About aviationobsessedrambling

Im one of the lucky ones, I found my dream at the age of 8. Getting into the avaition industry has been a long journey for me, but I finally started that journey this year. Currently busy with my student license heading to my CPL. An Industrial Engineer by profession, a pilot wanna-be ALWAYS. Watch this space...

4 responses to “My first Solo Nav”

  1. Chris says :

    Sounds very scary to do your first Nav solo. But awesome that your total time is still below 45 hours

  2. Athi says :

    Awesome dude! All the BEST! Ppl think im crazy when I tell them my dream has always beeeen to fly planes…thanx for the blog bru. I honestly believe we all should live our dreams, hence my goal is to go to airschool as soon as I finish my degree. Im still deciding whether to do it here in PE or in JHB…

    • aviationobsessedrambling says :

      Thanks for the kind words! All I can say is just make your dream a reality, who cares what others think. If it is going to make you happy then go for it. Getting your degree is the best thing you could do, I worked a few years after my degree and its totally worth it. PE has a lot of wind, its an IFR airport (i.e. delays for you), its also much cheaper up here and the weather is slightly more predictable.

      • Oums says :

        So glad that u are the happiest high in die sky.Proud of u and know u are at the right place.Love u lots and lots.Wanneer eet ons weer skaapboud?

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