Restricted Radio License

This weekend will be week 3 of no flying. The cause has been the weather, it seems that JHB has slipped back into winter or adopted Cape Town’s weather! For days on end the low cloud persist with violent hail storms occurring on a weekly basis! Very strange I think for this time of the year, as soon as there is a break in the clouds as my luck would have it it would be mid week.

So, I once again have 2x 4 hour slots booked for the weekend so will hope for the best, I STILL need to finish my final solo navigation flight. Saturday morning 7am I need to attend ground school for my restricted radio license, I believe I already have a lot of practice with the radio work. No one can give me an answer as to how long the course will be though, I am a bit worried that I may have to cancel my Saturday afternoon flight 😦

Not quite sure of the sequence of events to follow, I assume I attend the course and write and exam and its a done deal. No one can give me any clear answers. Obviously there are others who have gone through this process, could you guys give me some info?


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Im one of the lucky ones, I found my dream at the age of 8. Getting into the avaition industry has been a long journey for me, but I finally started that journey this year. Currently busy with my student license heading to my CPL. An Industrial Engineer by profession, a pilot wanna-be ALWAYS. Watch this space...

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